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Ladies love beauty regardless of age, that’s why the beauty salon industry is gradually becoming  a billion dollar industry. Don’t think that salon nail art is only suitable for young women, you can do fascinating nail art at any age. Good nail designs and nail colors for older ladies will make you look more stylish and young. Pay a visit to a top-rated nail salon near me and let the experienced nail technicians make your dream nails come true.

Nail salon 95746 | Awesome Nails Spa | Granite Bay CA 95746

Whether you’re in need of a mind-soothing massage, transformative facial or a pampering day with friends, we’ve got you covered! You could easily spend an afternoon here, starting with a massage session before indulging in a pedicure or facial. There’s something for everyone on Awesome Nails Spa‘s extensive menus, so you really can’t go wrong!

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Nail salon 95746 | Awesome Nails Spa | Granite Bay CA 95746

Simple and elegant nails designs

  • Embrace the glimmer: One of the easiest ways to jazz up hands without aging them is to pick up a gold or silver nail polish. Chic and classy, aside from adding an extra sparkle, gold and silver polish makes the perfect accent for most jewelry.
  • Glittery glam: Glitter and glam go hand in hand. And where better than on your nails to indulge yourself with a bit of shimmer? Adding a little gold sparkle will draw attention away from the aging skin. But be careful to choose the right amount of glam. 
  • All that glitter: Yep, if you love all things sparkly, then why not show it on your nails? A manicure with glitter is a fun, bright look that will make you shine, especially when you’re at your middle age.
Nail salon 95746 | Awesome Nails Spa | Granite Bay CA 95746

At Awesome Nails Spa Granite Bay we believe you feel and look your best when everything is in balance. Through spa and salon treatments, it’s our goal to help you find peace in your mind, body, and spirit. We offer private facilities and use only the finest products available for our clients.