Let’s come in our salon and transform new manicure design for Halloween!

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Creative Touch La 1: Sparkle and shine with these cute glitter nails. Subtle enough to wear to work but glam enough for a party, this design is perfect for all occasions. Sometimes only a small detail can make your manicure outstanding. If you add a bit of glitter to all your nails or some of them, you will definitely get a fantastic look.

Our mission here is to help you recharge so you can have the energy to take care of all the other people and things in your life. We are a boutique day spa, small enough to feel comfortable but big enough to feel like you can escape for an hour.

👉 Nothing beats a gorgeous set of glitter acrylic nails. No matter what party, event, wedding, shower, fundraiser, date and etc., a solid set of gorgeous glitter nails says: “I am here & ready to party!”. Do you want to try this design? Just call our nail salon Sherman Oaks to transform your nails!